Form Types

Forms are typically used to collect, aggregate, and analyze information for stores, accounts, or projects. There are different types of Shelvspace forms available, each with different behaviors and use cases.

Survey Form

  • Description: A Survey Form captures data through questions or input fields for a specific point in time. Survey Forms are tracked as complete or not complete and the results can be viewed and filtered on the Dashboard and/or the Reports screen. Survey results cannot be edited via the Reports screen (except by an Admin).
  • Example Use Case: You create a Survey Form and assign it to 100 different store locations. As Reps visit each location they submit the Survey Form for that location which gets marked as complete. You can then track what stores have or have not been visited as well as run reports on the compiled information.

Tracker Form

  • Description: A Tracker Form is a collaboration form that can be continuously updated and results are collected on a report. All Tracker Forms can be viewed and updated directly on the Reports screen or via the form.
  • Example Use Case: You want to track information at the Headquarter level that can be shared and updated by one or more Users at anytime.

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Order Form

  • Description: An Order Form is for submitting orders and the results are collected on a report.
  • Example Use Case: During a store call, the Rep sells two additional SKUs into the store. The Rep completes the order form which gets sent to the Admin for processing. 

Report Form

  • Description: A Report Form can be submitted multiple times and is cleared after each submission. Results are aggregated on a report.
  • Example Use Case: A Rep submits a report form for each SKU he/she placed. Each time the rep submits, the form clears for the Rep to complete again. 

Promotion Form

  •  Description: A Promotion Form is used to submit promotions for approval.
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