Assign Users and Forms to Stores and/or HQ Accounts


This video goes over how to assign Users and Forms to HQ Accounts and/or Stores. 

Both Users and Forms can be assigned at the HQ level and/or at the Store level. This is best understood with an example.

I have two forms:

  1. One is for collecting Store level information such as what SKUs are on the shelf and take a picture of the display.
  2. The second is for collecting HQ level information such as is first half planning complete…and what is the contact information for the Dairy Buyer at Circle K?

I also have two users:

  1. George Storep collects store level information out in the field
  2. Fred H. Quecount calls on HQ Buyers at our key accounts

Let’s first start out by assigning the appropriate form and user to the correct stores.

  1. Click on Stores from the main menu on the left
  2. Search for the group of stores you want to assign the form to
    • You can filter by any one of the columns
    • I’m going to filter for all Ralphs stores
  3. Click on “Select all search results”
  4. Then click on Actions > Assign/Unassign Forms
  5. Select the form (or forms if you have multiple) and click “Assign”.
    • For unassigning you would go through the exact same process except you would click on “Unassign”

You’ll notice a status bar up top to update you on the job cue. This will typically clear in a few minutes but you do NOT have to wait for it. You can cue up multiple jobs at the same time.

For assigning users you would go through the exact same process…except under Actions you select “Assign/Unassign Users”

  • Again since I am assigning stores I select my field level rep George 

Now for HQ Account information I do the same thing but on the HQ Accounts page

  • I select the HQ Account I’m assigning
  • Click on Actions>Assign/Unassign Forms
  • Select my form and hit Assign
  • Same thing for assigning my HQ Sales Rep at HQ level.

So as you can see the process is virtually the same, whether you are assigning Forms or Users. The most important thing to remember is at what level are you making your assignments? Is it at the HQ Account level or at the Store level?

Thank you for watching…If you have any questions or suggestions regarding this process please contact us at

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