Missing Store or Account

There are several reason why a store or account may not appear in the store or account listings within the app. If this occurs, verify the following:

1. Verify user account. Make sure you are logged into the right user account by tapping on Settings from the menu.

2. Verify GPS is enabled. This can also be verified from the Settings page within Shelvspace. If it is not enabled, tap the settings wheel icon to be taken to your location services settings for your device.


3. Clear search bar and filters. This is done on the stores page. Tap into the search bar and clear both Search Stores and Search Cities input boxes. Make sure you are searching near your Current Location. Clear any filters by tapping on the filter icon at the top right and tap Clear

IMG_5549.PNG           IMG_F7CB52C94E09-1.jpeg    

4. Verify you are connected to Wi-Fi or Cellular Data 

5. Check for app updates

6. If the store is new you can add the store via the mobile app





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