Reconciling New Stores Added on Mobile

Any stores added on the fly by sales reps via the mobile will need to be verified reconciled in the Admin Panel.


Assign Appropriate Forms

By default, new stores are assigned to all active forms in the system. To unassign forms from the new store do the following:

  1. From the Admin Panel, click on Stores from the menu on the left.
  2. Under the Account column click on Needs Assignment and select the new store.
  3. At the top right of the screen click Actions > Assign/Unassign Forms
  4. From the dialogue box that appear, select the forms you want to unassign and click Unassign


Assign to Appropriate Store Group (if needed)

If you have store groups setup you'll also want to make sure new stores are added to the appropriate store group:

  1. Click on Store Groups
  2. Select the store group you want to the store to be added to
  3. Click Actions > Assign/Unassign Stores
  4. Search for the store and click Assign
    • E.g. you an filter HQ Account to "Needs Assignment" to pull all stores that have been added manually on mobile


Assign to Appropriate HQ Account

All new stores added on mobile are automatically assigned to the HQ Account named Needs Assignment. To assign the store to the appropriate HQ Account:

  1. Click on Edit Store.
  2. Under Parent HQ Account, select the HQ Account the store should be assigned to.
  3. Click Save



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