Create and Edit Forms

The Form Builder is one of the major ways for you to create and execute on your Retail Execution Plan. Whether you are wanting your field reps to complete a survey, audit, checklist, etc. the Form Builder is where you want to start.

Create a New or Duplicate an Existing Form

1. From the menu on the left click Forms and then click + New
2. Complete and select your options from the popup modal that appears including:

  • New Form or Duplicate Form - Here you can choose whether you want to start from scratch with a new form or start from a template by duplicating an existing from. 
  • Form Name - Completely up to you!
  • Manufacturer - Select the manufacturer or brand family this form relates to or select none
  • Behavior - Choose how you want the form to behave. Click on each behavior for details on that behavior. If it is still unclear which behavior to choose contact Shelvspace Support and we'll help you out! Note: that if you are duplicating an existing form then the form behavior will automatically match that of the duplicated form
  • Start and End Dates - You can have the form be active immediately or choose specific start and end dates by clicking on Select Dates

 3. Click Create and to be taken to the form builder page

Build Your Form

The form builder allows you to add and edit questions on the left and preview the form on the right. To add questions, first select what type of question you want to add (e.g. Number, Test, Picture, Single Select, Multi Select, etc). The question will appear in the preview page on the right and the question options to be edited will appear on the left. Click to learn more about the different question types and question options available through the Form Builder

Once you are done adding your questions and editing the question options click Save at the top right and then click Back to go back to the default Forms List. Lastly you'll need to Assign the Form to Stores and/or Accounts in order for the Form to appear accordingly on the Shelvspace Mobile App.

Edit a Form

To edit an existing form:

  1. Click Forms from the menu on the left 
  2. Click Form Details to the left of the form you want to edit
  3. At the top left of the Form Details Page click on Edit Form. This will take you to the Form Builder. Note there are editing restrictions placed when a form has been assigned out to stores (see below).

Editing Restrictions

In order to keep the integrity of the data, the are some changes that are blocked from making after you have assigned out a Form to Stores and/or HQ Accounts.

  • Not Allowed: Adding, removing, rearranging questions
  • Allowed: Everything else including question details, advanced options, wording changes, etc

If you do need to make restricted changes you can duplicate the form, make the changes, and reassign out to the same stores. Ensure you deactivate the old form so only the new form appears on the mobile app. 


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