Flag Stores for Daily and Weekly Planning

You can use the flagging feature to plan your week by assigning stores to specific plans for each day of the week.

Add Stores to a Plan from the Stores page

  1. From the menu tap Stores.
  2. Tap Edit and select the stores you want to add to a plan and tap Plan.





  3. Select the plan you want to add the stores to. A message at the bottom will appear to confirm the action as well a dot will appear next to the store indicating that it has been flagged.





Add a Store to a Plan from the Store Details Page

You can add a store to a plan from stores detail page by simply tapping on the flag icon at the bottom left and selecting on a plan. The flag will appear blue once added to a plan.





Remove Stores from All Plans

Removing stores from plans follows the same process as adding stores to plans except you select the option "Remove from all plans" at the bottom of the list of plans.

Note: Since stores may not be added to more than one plan, if a store is already assigned to a plan you then assign it to a different plan, it will automatically be removed from the original plan.

Filter Stores to Stores to a Specific Plan

There are two ways to filter to a specific plan:

  1. From Stores page tap on the Flag icon and tap the plan you want to filter to.





  2. Tap on the filter icon, tap Plan, and select the plan you want to filter to. Apply filter.




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