How to View Stores That Have Not Been Visited

On web you can run a report to view stores on a map that have not yet been visited.

  1. Login through the web portal and click Coverage Map
  2. Select either a Store List or an HQ Account from the dropdown. By default the list will show Store List, click on Store Lists to change it to HQ Account
  3. Once you've selected a Store List or HQ Account, pins will appear on the map for each store. Click on Filter.
  4. The default setting in the dialogue box will be set to query any store that has had any form submission in the last 30 days. Other options include month to date, year to date, and last year. Click Apply.
  5. Zoom in to the pins to view which stores do and do not match you query. Click the Marker button to filter based on query status (red, green, gray). In this case green means someone did visit the store. Red/Gray means the store has not been visited in last 30 days (or whichever time frame was selected).
  6. You can export the list of stores on the right by click on Select All Results and then clicking on the "Take Action" button at the top right. Select Download The Results to download the list to excel as a CSV file.



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