How to Flag a Closed or Duplicate Store to be Deleted or Merged

Shelvspace has a weekly cleansing process to safely merge and/or delete any stores that have been marked as a duplicate or closed account. This is done on the back end to ensure data such as form submissions, scan data, depletion data, etc. is not lost.

To mark a store to be included in the weekly process do the following:

  1. Tap on the store that needs to be closed or merged.
  2. Tap on Edit in the top right corner and tap into the HQ Account Field.
    IMG_6032.PNG IMG_6033.PNG
  3. Search or scroll to the HQ Account called "Delete". Tap on it and tap "Update Store" at the bottom.
    IMG_6034.PNG IMG_6035.PNG

This will tag the store with a Delete image and the store will remain there until the weekly cleanse takes place.


Note: if the store is a duplicate, only select the store that needs to be merged/deleted. Do not select both stores.

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