How to update stores with dummy data (e.g. City - 'Ethete')?

In an effort to ensure data is completely loaded into our system we must load stores with dummy data when required fields are not provided. These required fields are store name, address, city, state, and zip. When these required fields are not available, we populate the store with dummy data that can be updated at a later date. If you would like to ensure all stores you are sending to Shelvspace have full store details use the following steps to identify stores that do not have all required fields:
  • Login to your shelvspace account 
  • Click on Stores 
  • Search the City column for 'Ethete' and hit Enter 
  •  Select 'All Results' 
  •  Select 'Actions on the top right' 
  • Select Export Stores 
This will populate the list of stores with dummy data attached to them. If you would like this data to be assigned to stores with store details and proper GPS locations, use this export to update the store details and send the updated list to Shelvspace. Where available, we include the store details from the data provider 'distributor' column. Often there are only a few store details missing (e.g. city, zip, etc.) This information along with the dataId field can be used to finish populating the store details.  
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