Using Actions to Assign a Form to Stores or HQ Accounts

In order for forms to appear on mobile, they must be assigned out to Stores or HQ Accounts. To do so:

1. Select "Forms" from the main menu on the left

2. Click on "Actions" from the top right of the screen: a drop down menu will appear.

3. From the drop down menu - select "Create Action"mceclip0.png

 4. From this screen you can do things like assign a form, product, or store list to specific Stores or HQ Accounts

5. First select the object type (i.e. Form, Store List, Product) that is to be assigned


6. Then select the actual object you are assigning. For example if you are assigning a form then select the form name you are assigning out.


7. Select what object type you are assigning TO


8. Then add 1 or more rules to specify exactly what you are assigning to. You can control if you want to assign to items where ALL rules apply or ANY rules apply. See examples below

  • Assigning a form to All Storesmceclip3.png
  • Assigning a form to only stores within the Sprouts HQ Accountmceclip4.png
  • Assigning a form to only stores within the Sprouts HQ Account AND in the State of Texasmceclip5.png
  • Assign a form to only stores distributed by Kalil  OR in the state of Texas (Note how the condition changed from "All" to "Any" in the top right)mceclip6.png



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