How to Exclude " 0 " Values from a Report

 When configuring custom reports it is possible to exclude "0" values from Widget and Bar Graph sections to create a cleaner, more concise report. Often times, when forms have many options for a question, it can clutter the results causing the graph to look congested. 


 Do the following to edit a Widget or Bar Graph section of an existing report so that options with no, or 0, responses are excluded:

1. Go to "Reports" 

2. In the corresponding row of the report you want to edit, Select "Actions>Edit Report"




3. Within a "Widget" or "Bar" section, select "ADD/EDIT QUESTIONS"




4. Click the button for "Exclude 0 Values?" If the switch is BLUE then 0 values will be excluded *see screenshot*



Now your results will exclude 0 values


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