How to Duplicate Existing Reports

During the onboarding process, your Shelvspace Customer Success Manager will set you up with our standard best-practice reporting. As your teams expand you can easily duplicate these reports and generate them for other/new users. 

To Duplicate a Report for other/new users:

1. Go to the "Reports" Tab

2. For the Report you'd like to duplicate, use the Actions dropdown menu and select "Duplicate Report"


3. Configure the Report Settings for the other/new user:

  • Report Title: Change the report title to reflect the correct user(s)
  • Filters: Deselect the undesired user(s) from the original report, and select the desired user(s). Note: you can also filter by Teams, HQ Accounts, etc. 
  • View By: Determines how the report is broken down. Dependent on what Filter Type selected. 
  • Shared with Report Creator and: Determines who can see the report in Shelvspace. 
  • Email Notifications: Determines who will automatically receive the report via email and at what cadence. Note: Times are all EST and are in Military Time. 

4. Select "Save" 


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